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Hello ladies! A bit new here to DW. I'm Jessica aka Kanagosa. I've been playing WoW since 2007, even met my fiance through WoW. I primarily play Alliance on Moon Guard-US and I run a guild called .

30 Days of WoW

Started doing this on Facebook. Figured to do it here too for the whole month of April!

April 1st: Alliance or Horde?
Alliance, of course. It's where I started. It's where I met my fiance. It's where my guild is.

April 2nd: Favorite Alliance Racial Leader?
Varian Wrynn
Varian Wrynn is my favorite by far with Prophet Velen as a close second. Varian's had the greatest character development amongst the Alliance along with his son, Anduin. Varian's learned to regain control of his split personality and not let Lo'Gosh rule him. I also love that he does listen to his son quite often.

April 3rd: Favorite Horde Racial Leader?
Vol'jin has always had my heart on the Horde side. This troll has gone through hell and high water to protect his people and protect the Horde. Now he's the Horde's new Warchief after Garrosh was booted out.


Ladies of WoW

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